We have had the pleasure of building relationships with contractors since our inception. Our business was born out of frustration with the current industry model; we have the saws and they don't have, so they can wait until its convenient for us. Below we've listed common scenarios previous contractors have experienced when using larger firms.

  • Hourly rates for; travel, loading, arriving, working, and return travel back to their shop? We keep it simple and predictable by using set prices in the form of a quotation. Hourly rates are only used as a last resort on those jobs that are unpredictable in nature. Note: we calculate our hourly rates from time spent on your work site. Factors such as: lunch breaks and travel time are not included within this calculation keeping costs lower for you.
  • Field operator lottery. Sometimes you get those diamond's in the rough, the operators who have been in the industry for 8 plus years. Yet more often than not, you'll get the 2 month temp who's replacing or filling in for the previous operator. We may be small operation, but we're completely confident in the capabilities of the worker we send to your work-site.
  • Unclear pricing leaving the end invoice a lot higher than the initial quotation. Classic phase's like; wet-vac is going to cost extra, site set-up is a additional fee, no over-cuts will cost a little bit more... the list goes on. We ensure the financial details are on point. If something does occur, we will to discuss and obtain your approval before moving ahead.
  • Unpunctual behavior. When you've been told by dispatch that they'll arrive at 10am, and then the operator turns up at 10:30am with no call in advance. We're different in that we have no dispatch. You speak directly to us, the guys who are going to be showing up and completing the work for you. Being late, sloppy, or disorganized just isn't part of our nature. We'll be there on time. 

We are simply asking for an opportunity to build a relationship with you. Even for those of you who've used the same company for the past decade we urge you to take down our information. We do not mind being that second choice, all we ask for is an opportunity.

Services at a glance :

  • Concrete Sawing
  • Concrete Coring
  • Concrete Alterations