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Concrete Cutting Geek's started with two brother's looking to provide homeowners and contractors with an honest, and transparent approach to their project needs. 




Walkout entrance: cut, removed and installed.


From start to finish, we're there to ensure your project is completed both inside, and outside of your home. Have a look at previous projects we've assisted other families with, on budget and on time.



Mechanical bay required some concrete alterations to make way for a new light railing system.


We have extensive experience working with commercial environments involving your concrete cutting needs & requirements . Let us know what your specific needs are and we'll be sure to meet them.


We have had the pleasure of building relationships with contractors since our inception. Our business was born out of frustration with the current industry model; we have the saws and they don't have, so they can wait until its convenient for us. Below we've listed common scenarios previous contractors have experienced when using larger firms.

  • Hourly rates for; travel, loading, arriving, working, and return travel back to their shop? We keep it simple and predictable by using set prices in the form of a quotation. Hourly rates are only used as a last resort on those jobs that are unpredictable in nature. Note: we calculate our hourly rates from time spent on your work site. Factors such as: lunch breaks and travel time are not included within this calculation keeping costs lower for you.

  • Field operator lottery. Sometimes you get those diamond's in the rough, the operators who have been in the industry for 8 plus years. Yet more often than not, you'll get the 2 month temp who's replacing or filling in for the previous operator. We may be small operation, but we're completely confident in the capabilities of the worker we send to your work-site.

  • Unclear pricing leaving the end invoice a lot higher than the initial quotation. Classic phase's like; wet-vac is going to cost extra, site set-up is a additional fee, no over-cuts will cost a little bit more... the list goes on. We ensure the financial details are on point. If something does occur, we will to discuss and obtain your approval before moving ahead.

  • Unpunctual behavior. When you've been told by dispatch that they'll arrive at 10am, and then the operator turns up at 10:30am with no call in advance. We're different in that we have no dispatch. You speak directly to us, the guys who are going to be showing up and completing the work for you. Being late, sloppy, or disorganized just isn't part of our nature. We'll be there on time.

We are simply asking for an opportunity to build a relationship with you. Even for those of you who've used the same company for the past decade we urge you to take down our information. We do not mind being that second choice, all we ask for is an opportunity.

Services at a glance :

  • Concrete Sawing

  • Concrete Coring

  • Concrete Alterations



Striving to earn your business and your referral is very important to us. Through strong customer service, communication and workmanship we believe we're well equipped to step up to the plate.


Cooperation is key. You're the expert, you know what you want done and how you want it to look. It's our job to work with you to achieve this goal. To do this we have a simple system.

  • We arrange a viewing to discuss with you what your project requirements are.
  • We assess all angles of your project and what services are available. If the project presents challenges this is when we can discuss possible alternatives.
  • A written quotation will sent to you. It'll break down the services that'll be completed. This will allow you to compare our offer against competition, and have something to reference back to once the project is complete.
  • Schedule a time to begin the work.
  • Commence work on the agreed upon date, and complete your project within the discussed timeline
  • All of our work comes with a 2-year warranty.  

Continuing our commitment to making your life easier, we provide different payment options. These options are:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discovery
  • Cash
  • Certified Cheque 

Tight space for a new egress window, and window well? We think not.

Separation and green cuts with an importance on straight lines.

Separation and green cuts with an importance on straight lines.

Fundamental basic: leave the work area better and cleaner than when you arrived.

Fundamental basic: leave the work area better and cleaner than when you arrived.

With you until the end, and then some.


Below is a run down of what's involved with cutting and installing a new egress window:

  • Any alteration to your foundation wall including window enlargement or fresh window placement requires a city permit. We always suggest obtaining the required permits prior to the works to safe guard yourself. To save you time, we can simply obtain the permit on your behalf.

  • Determine location of new window with you.

  • Begin ground excavation to allow room for cutting, spacing for new window well, and adequate spacing for drainage.

  • Mark new window size on concrete wall, or extend existing window for enlargements.

  • Cut the concrete and remove it from your home.

  • Window installation.

Each side of the new concrete opening is nailed with pressured treated wood. The window is then leveled, mounted and secured to the bucking. A water tight seal is created by the use of a membrane which covers the bucking and nailing fin on the window. From the inside we use high quality expanding foam to seal any crevices to ensure moisture doesn't make its way into your home! For aesthetics, stucco is placed on the outside to mimic the look of your existing decor.

  • Install city standard window well(s), and then back-fill.

  • Placement of drainage and decorative stone inside the window well. We opt for a decorative stone 20mm or greater to better showcase the finished product.

  • Complete interior finishing. This is the window casement and trim which covers up the exposed concrete and insulation sheeting.

  • "And then some". We warranty all of our work for two years. We're only a quick phone call or email away. If any problems were to arise in the future, you know how to get in contact with us :).